Japanese Podcast for increase your listening Skills [free]


Nihongo 日本語勉強に

Are you looking for Japanese Podcast for Studying 日本語?
Here are some free podcasts those who are interested in
Japanese Language or Japanese Culture. 


Learning Language in Podcast is great way to improve your listening skills.
I did same thing too when I was studying English by myself.

Here are some Podcasts for 日本語の勉強
Some of them are very popular even in Japanese Podcast Industry.

・バイリンガルニュース (English & Japanese)
・日経トレンディ (Market Trend)
・ムックスタディー (Japanese History)
・IGN JAPAN (Game, Movie)
・ねじまきラジオ(My channel, Travel, Music, Movie)

japanese podcast free on spotify

You can find these easily on any Podcast App, 
such as iTunes(Apple Podcast), Google, Spotify, Stitcher for free.

I am a native Japanese from 関西.
If you want to learn real & fun 関西弁 on Podcast,
you should check my channel out!


It may difficult for beginner Nihongo learner,
but it is a typical conversation speed in daily life as a native japanese.

I am talking about
Japanese News, Movie, Music, Tech, にほんご, LGBT(Gay), Travel etc…

I am a Native Japanese, so I believe it would be helpful for your Japanese study.


On Spotify→ https://open.spotify.com/show/6ComJ7U0Y0yJ9DM1eEt9jj

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